Behold, This Dreamer! Digital Album (2012)

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Behold, This Dreamer! Digital Album (2012)

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Digital download of Thieving Irons' 2nd album.

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Behold, This Dreamer! is an album made with close friends in a particularly fertile, focused environment. The songs are wrought, considered, purposeful—delicately structured and impeccably stated. It’s pretense-less guitar-framed rock ’n’ roll, but with a cosmic, almost startling energy. Rarely does something so ostensibly commonplace call for such meditations." -Paste Magazine

“Album track “Poison” is filled with fuzzy guitar, bass, vocals and percussion. Imagine listening to this jam in your car on a sunny, blue-sky day with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair. Pure bliss.”- Magnet

“Behold, This Dreamer!” by Thieving Irons is a primitive album. Nate Martinez sings about basic things and really tells you how he feels, somewhere between his dreams and a sense of awe, a work of art.” JSI Top 21

“From the very first notes of Behold, This Dreamer, the exciting new album from Brooklyn based band Thieving Irons, there is a sense of cautious optimism. Nathaniel Martinez has taken a leap in his songwriting and composition, allowing this vibe to wash over the listener…Every song is crafted to grow and evolve, taking the listener on a journey instead of running in circles and feeding them the same bullshit lines about love and peace…Behold, This Dreamer has the feel of a galvanizing album in an era that is unfortunately broken down by subgenres and niches within niches. However I feel that it has the ability and the beauty to cut through the bullshit and become that kind of defining moment.” Syffal

“…this is indie rock at its most inviting. Nate Martinez’s gentle voice guides the listener through a world where nature is a key form of escape; the ocean and the sky seem to be the desired destinations. The band go places that reward the listener with the joy of weightlessness to ruminate and ponder, exemplified by the track “Sleepwalking into the Ocean”. The coast portrayed in many works of art as a place to leave the rat-race will no doubt be familiar to listeners trapped within the excess of city life, the song’s line ‘we want off this road we want ocean’ echoing like a rallying call to modern urbanites. The album excels in creating space, sounding both intimate and inexplicably expansive with a yearning for escape that’s as genuine as it is moving. This is the album to be played atop a summer rooftop enjoying a beer and a sunset with the people you love.” Elmore Magazine

“There’s a broad yearning streak cutting through the center of Thieving Irons’ new album, “Behold, This Dreamer!”He surrounds his sleepy, rumpled voice with swirling keyboards and understated glimmers of guitar, fleshed out with a booming drum part and triumphal trumpet on ”Sleepwalking Into the Ocean” and a resonant ascending bassline on the breathtaking title track. Martinez’s lyrics stitch together impressionistic imagery, tinged with with a sense of longing on “Gentle Hands” and a hint of wistful regret on “Letters to Catherine,” as he accompanies himself with a fingerpicked electric guitar pattern… most of “Behold, This Dreamer!” radiates a subtle power that draws you deeper in, and keeps you coming back.” Listen Dammit

“Behold, This Dreamer!” which is truly an indie rock tour de force.  Each song is crafted with such care and emotion that the entire album sinks into the listener and feels like a soundtrack to life itself.  Nate’s soothing yet powerful vocals demand attention as they drift among the piano, guitars and drums like a soft mist through a dimly lit forest at dawn. Thieving Irons’ sound has a timeless quality to it, whether it’s the gentle down-beat grooves heard on the title track or the hard charging percussion and epic builds found in songs like ‘Poison’.  ‘Poison’ in particular has such a feeling of movement and forwardness, that it would be a perfect roadtrip anthem.  It’s been a while since I have discovered an album that you can play in it’s entirety and be impressed by every song. “Behold, This Dreamer!” is a quality piece of work that is currently in contention for album of the year in my books.- Yeti Music

“It’s so vivid. Thieving Iron’s video for “Poison” is all about memory and what you can never forget.”- Chart Attack

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